Mug Artist Agreement

  1. Each artist’s work will be featured in the cafe for a one month period, starting on the 15th of that given month.
  2. Switchboard Cafe take a 10% commission on all mug sales. Please take this into consideration when pricing your mugs. This commission goes towards transaction fees, shelf space, retail bags and tissue, etc.
  3. A final list of product sold will be provided at the end of the period at which time you will need to provide the cafe with an invoice for the full amount minus the commission. Please include any taxes applicable to the sale. Once the invoice is provided we will pay you in full.
  4. Switchboard Cafe will aim to publish information on you and your work on their social media accounts.
  5. Artists should submit a brief (2 paragraph) biography via email prior to the show. This will be used on the Switchboard Cafe social media accounts.
  6. Provide any details that you have on the mugs that gives us info to talk about when selling mugs to customers (Type of clay, dishwasher safe, glaze details,etc).
  7. All work is shown at the artists own risk. Although a relatively safe environment, Switchboard Cafe is first and foremost a cafe business and is not liable for lost or damaged artwork.
  8. Please fill out the information and agreement below and hit send.

    Select your show period from the drop down:

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