Artist Agreement

  1. All artwork must be of a 2-dimensional style (photography, painting, framed art.) We do not have the facilities to show 3-D sculpture or similar. Art will be hung by one of the owners of Switchboard Cafe. Art cannot be attached directly to the cafe walls.
  2. Each artist’s work will be featured in the cafe for a one month period.
  3. Switchboard Cafe will try to publish information on you and the artwork on their social media accounts.
  4. You may offer your work for sale or just for display. We do ask that if items are sold you pay a 20% commission to the cafe, 10% of which we will donate to a charity of our choosing, 5% will go towards the cafe while the remaining 5% going towards art hanging supplies.
  5. Switchboard Cafe will collect cash for sales under $500. Any pieces sold that are priced above that will be coordinated directly with you, the artist. If a piece is sold, it should remain in the gallery until the end of the show unless a replacement piece is available. We would prefer not to have “holes” during your time in the cafe.
  6. All art is shown at the artists own risk. Although a relatively safe environment, Switchboard Cafe is first and foremost a cafe business and is not liable for lost or damaged artwork.
  7. Artists should submit a brief (2 paragraph) biography with a digital photo via email at least 2 weeks prior to the show. This will be used on the Switchboard Cafe social media accounts.
  8. A list of the artwork details including Title, Medium and Price needs to be supplied at least 2 weeks prior to the show. We will print and hang labels for the artwork.
  9. Please fill out the information and agreement below and hit send.

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